Best photos of the week. (71 photos)

atomic wedge
baby doll
baby elephant
baby face
baby picture
be quiet bird
bike wipeout
born for mustache
car accident 1
car accident 2
chinese demon child look
clear water
clown and baby
crocs are ugly
deer chasing lady
derp 2
derp 3
derp 8
diabetes billboard
dog and kid
dog biting head
dog licking baby face
dog licking baby
dog pooping photobomb
dog sleeping
dog tossing dog by tail
facebook comment
facebook havard post
facebook photo reality
facebook update
first world 1
first world 2
first world 6
guy carrying dog
happy birthday grandma
hello this is bear
hey whale
human face shadow
id cards
kid as biker
mullet family
old lady climbing bank wall
only josh can prevent fires
people who think im handsome
person behind me can
polar bear taking self portrait
porter in bathroom
rebel 1
rebel 2
rebel 5
rebel 9
santa cruz
scooby doo facebook post
seal photobomb
silly ad 5
spanish tag
stupid 3
stupid sign 1
stupid sign 7
stupid sign 8
target photoshop fail
tiger and chicken
tough guy and croc
train hits car
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